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Agenda is an essential news service for independent, original boardroom analysis. From articles to webcasts, we give industry leaders the tools to surmount crises, gain inside perspectives on how boards are strategizing, and continually add value to their meetings.


Agenda is read by corporate board directors, C-suite executives, general counsels, corporate secretaries, and compliance teams. Boardroom service providers, from law firms to marketing agencies, also rely on its coverage.

Why subscribe

  • Leading boardroom news - Monday and Friday issues keep readers updated on trends and events affecting the boardroom.
  • Education webcasts - Webcasts on critical topics are available throughout the year and offer certificates to fulfill director education requirements.
  • Research reports - Quarterly special issues provide deep-dives on topics such as human capital oversight.
  • Research vault - Third-party industry research reports, white paper, studies and surveys.

Why advertise

  • Over 330 companies provide Agenda to their board, leading to over 60,000 page views per month.
  • Agenda reaches over 6,000 readers, including board directors and officers, C-suite executives, and compliance experts.


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