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Endpoints is the biopharma industry’s trusted source for up-to-the-moment news, in-depth reporting on science and business, and coverage of the people, companies and money that drive innovation.


Endpoints readers are decision-makers, executives, drug developers, business development leaders, investors and regulators who need to know everything that’s happening in biotech and pharma. More than 170,000 specialists get Endpoints’ newsletters every day, including at every major pharmaceutical manufacturer and at hundreds of biotechnology companies, service providers and startups.

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  • Get the most comprehensive coverage of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, with exclusive reporting, real-time coverage on the biggest stories, and top-notch science and business journalism
  • Breaking news alerts delivered to your inbox to make sure you know about industry-changing developments as soon as they happen
  • In-depth profiles of the people behind the deals, science and financial transactions that make the industry tick
  • Experts who write for experts — Endpoints delivers the sophisticated, nuanced coverage of the industry that professional readers require

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  • Our brand partnerships and advertising products drive conversation, engagement and action among our audience of executives and Business Decisions Makers across the biopharma industry
  • Leverage our suite of essential daily and weekly newsletters — covering the most important biotech and pharma news of the day, FDA and regulatory developments, industry marketing trends and more — to drive efficient leads and sponsored content engagement
  • With our first-party data capabilities and in-house production teams, target and recruit a qualified audience for an in-depth and interactive custom webinar on a high-priority topic
  • Our live journalism and events — at important industry gatherings such as BIO and JPMC’s Healthcare conference — give your executive leaders prominent opportunities to share their thought leadership and timely insights with industry leaders

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