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Professional Wealth Management (PWM) carries the latest analysis of private banks, wealth managers and regional financial centres around the world, along with in-depth reporting on asset allocation, the fast moving regulatory agenda, digital operations and technology, with input from a broad range of thought leaders.


PWM offers particularly strong access to the advisers, private banks, retail banks and family offices of investors – our readership includes the customer facing intermediaries that direct investment to third-party managers and manufacturers as well as the senior executives, the gatekeepers responsible for:

  • Selecting the funds used within open or guided sales structure.
  • Incorporating third-party products and services into “in-house” products and services.
  • Outsourcing investment management to a third-party.

Why subscribe

PWM provides well-researched answers for asset gatherers looking for an external solution to an investment requirement, be it local knowledge, expertise in a particular asset class or the outsourcing of a “non-core” activity – our readership includes senior executives at investment banks, insurance companies and investment trusts.

Why advertise

  • Professional Wealth Management specialises in analysing the growth strategies of private banks and the regional financial centres in which they operate.
  • Focuses on the worlds key investment hubs that bring together finance professionals, technological innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Provides essential commentary from a range of thought leaders on asset allocation, wealth structuring and digital private banking.

As patterns of media consumption evolve, multichannel approaches to marketing are increasingly required. Blending digital and print content, video, online-banners, social media, e-alerts and more, PWM offers sponsors a fully interconnected multi-media platform.

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