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fDi Intelligence is the largest centre of excellence for FDI globally. Relied upon by the most prominent foreign direct investment professionals and international investors, we offer an unrivalled portfolio of news and analysis, data tools, events and strategic guidance for the industry.


Our editorial and data-driven subscription services are used by corporate investor decision- makers and crossborder investment professionals.

fDi Magazine’s circulation by job function is:

  • 40% Director, head, senior manager
  • 24% CEO, COO, CFO, MD, VP
  • 21% Chairman, president
  • 15% Other

Why subscribe

fDi Intelligence has a range of subscription based products including:

  • fDi Markets - the most comprehensive greenfield FDI tracking database on the market
  • fDi Benchmark - an online tool that compares costs and qualities of investment destinations
  • GIS Planning - the world’s leading GIS data web tool for location analysis and site selection.

View the full suite of products here.

Why advertise

  • fDi Intelligence reaches a global audience of over 9,000 cross border investment decision makers with each print edition, and over 40,000 unique online visitors each month.
  • The magazine publishes in-depth special reports and stand-alone supplements that delve into important topics and cover FDI hot-spots in greater detail.
  • fDi On Location video investigates your destination, including its key strengths and attraction points for investors.


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